TechTime - Technician Job Clocking


Our new time-clocking module, TechTime, is a touch screen-friendly application that works with a mouse and keyboard or a touch screen PC monitor.

It’s very easy to use and all you need to get started is a PC in your workshop. The technician can then simply select their name and job and clock on, once completed the technician can select their name again and clock off, easy!

The data captured allows AutoInTouch CW to apply the hours worked on the task, produce detailed efficiency reports, track non-productive activities such as lunch and tea breaks, plus lateness.

Workshop managers have complete control and can amend the data if required. It provides a valuable insight into which technicians are performing well and whether labour is being under or oversold. It can also save valuable time calculating technician hours for payroll etc.

We can even supply you with a fully configured PC for the workshop with a standard or touch screen monitor. *

TechTime Features Include :

  • Clock-in each morning and out at the end of the day
  • Clock on and off jobs - and can even select the work they are about to do
  • Multiple technicians can clock on to the same job
  • Clock on to non-productive activities such as lunch and tea breaks, cleaning workshop, etc.
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Workshop efficiency reports

* NOTE: A wired or wireless network connection is required where the clocking in PC is located.