Garage Manager

The Ultimate Vehicle Recovery Management Software

Save time and money with Garage Manager Vehicle Recovery Software

Our Garage Manager software is purpose built for the vehicle recovery industry, helping to shape the way the industry has operated for nearly 30 years!

Garage Manager allows vehicle recovery clubs and vehicle recovery operators to receive, accept or decline jobs electronically. Jobs can be transmitted onwards to recovery vehicles via our TurboDROID platform which runs on most Android powered mobile phones and tablets.

It also produces job cards and invoices, monitors the job from initial acceptance through to completion, including storage, repair and salvage. It saves time, money and improves customer service.

The product continues to be upgraded and has now been adopted by vehicle salvage companies to record collection, storage and disposal of vehicles.

Features include :

  • Monitor jobs from acceptance to completion.
  • Receive, accept & decline jobs.
  • Create job cards & invoices.
  • Automatically transmit jobs to recovery vehicles.
  • Fleet management.
  • Parts and stock management.
  • Send automatic job status updates to the work provider.
  • Send and receive authorisation for additional spending on a job.

Since 1989, Garage Manager has undergone three major upgrades and numerous versions to improve user experience and the range of applications covered.

Garage Manager is the must-have system to improve efficiency and job handling in the vehicle recovery industry.

Features Include:

Recovery Manager

The control centre for every professional recovery operator!
  • Ability to dispatch recovery jobs out to our TurboDROID Android app.
  • Receive electronic recovery jobs from motoring organisations and insurance companies.
  • Manual entry of jobs.
  • Real time job updates to motoring organisations and insurance companies.
  • Add specialist equipment, parts or additional resources to a job.
  • Print worksheets.
  • Cost up job cards including variable rates, mileage, toll charges and miscellaneous charges.
  • View images, signatures and damage diagrams.
  • Create multiple depots and move jobs between them.
  • Create Pro-Forma invoices.
  • VRM lookup to ensure the information about every vehicle is accurate.

Parking Manager

Keep track of vehicles you are holding for your customers and the charges being applied
  • Track vehicles in storage.
  • Provide accurate charging information.
  • Manage multiple departments.
  • Print letters to customers with cost/fee updates.
  • Create customer specific daily parking rates.
  • Create pro-forma invoices.

Workshop Manager

Maximise efficiently! Keep track of repairs, services and MOT’s
  • Create job cards for repairs, services & MOT’s.
  • Allocate specific mechanics to jobs.
  • Track labour and parts.
  • Create MOT and service due letters.
  • Cost up job cards.
  • Create pro-forma invoices.

Spare Parts Manager

Point of sales and invoicing for selling parts directly to a customer

Free Text Invoicing

Create one off invoices for bespoke items, such as rental charges, vehicle cleaning and vehicle sales

Long Term Job Management

Keep track of current long term jobs

Ability to move jobs out of ongoing to another manager, or invoice the job.

Invoicing & Mini Accounts

The Mini Accounts and Invoicing Manager helps you keep track of unpaid bills, ensuring you are not left out of pocket when things get busy. Along with a link to your full accounts package, it will save valuable time so you can focus on your core business.
  • Export to Sage Account.
  • Credit Note Manager.
  • View invoice statuses : Electronic Invoice, Emailed PDF, Exported to Sage.
  • Reprint/re-send invoices to Clubs.
  • Mini Accounts with Reports : Aged Debtor, Customer Statements etc.


Getting access to the data you need to make the right business decisions is vital. Garage Manager provides a host of useful reports in an easy to read format, so you can make decisions quickly, with complete confidence.
  • Recovery jobs with costs / Jobs by invoice date / Analyse invoices with charges.
  • Reports can be run based on various selection criteria : Date Range, Driver, Vehicles, Customer Information.
  • Reports can be exported to Excel.

Fleet Control

Managing your own fleet is vital to planning your work schedule. Knowing when your vehicles will be available or unavailable, and ensuring all your legal obligations are met is crucial to success.

Keeping a record of costs is another important factor, and Garage Manager can help you make the right decision when it comes to replacing equipment.

  • Create job cards for work (including repairs, servicing and MoT’s) carried out on your own vehicles.
  • Keep track of costs for your own vehicles.
  • Fleet asset register for storing information on your own vehicles.


The Garage Manager Storeman Module is a useful tool for helping you carry the right stock at the right levels so have what you need, when you need it. It will also provide you with the part history in the event of a warranty claim or recall.
  • Organise stock movements.
  • Parts history.
  • Order history.
  • Suppliers.
  • Maintain stock data.
  • View stock usage on job cards.

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